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Causes of Criminal Behavior

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Please explain the biological, psychological, or sociological conditions which best help us understand and explain the causes of crime and criminal behavior.

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This library solution provides an overview of Psychological, Sociological, and Biological explanations/theories of crime. In other words, possible causes of crime and criminal behavior are examined.

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Biological, Psychological & Sociological Explanations of Crime:

There are several theories to explain why crime occurs and why some people commit crime. This solution focuses on biological, psychological and sociological explanations of crime. A strong argument can be made for any of them or even a combination of the three. Below is a general explanation of how each approach/theory would explain crime. However, currently there is a lot of interest in sociological explanations and these are often easier to apply to present day crime. Below is an overview of each of these three explanations.

Biological Explanations of Crime:
- human behavior is genetically based; this includes criminal behavior
- human behavior, including criminal behavior, can be passed on from one generation to the next
- some behavior (particularly deviant and criminal behavior) might be rooted in more primitive developmental states in ...

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