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    Gang History in the United States

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    Urban gangs have been around for some time. Provide a brief timeline of and discuss the evolution of the urban gang within the United States. Does urban gang membership seem to be growing or declining? Provide evidence.

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    The first urban gang-like groups emerged immediately after the American Revolution in 1783. These were young people fighting over local turf. Serious gangs emerged in New York around 1820 because of large immigration. Groups such as the Forty Thieves emerged in the Five Points area. By 1855, New York alone had 30,000 men who had allegiances to gangs.

    Between the 1870s and the 1940 the gangs reemerged as a criminal force. During this time they spread to American West. There were Chinese immigrants who formed tongs and they indulged in gambling and drug trafficking. During this period, the Jewish Eastman gang also thrived. The most powerful ...

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