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    Controlling Organized Crime

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    Need examples of laws in the United States that combat organized crime and what methods used by the federal or state agencies to combat them.

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    I. Background Information on Organized Crime:
    The laws in the United States that govern how to control organized crime are passed by Congress. The laws and its policies that are implemented by enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation are based on two types of strategies:

    ? targeting members of organized crime groups
    ? targeting the organizational structure of crime groups and the market relationships that causes organized crime to occur

    The two examples of statutes that address organized crime are:

    1. RICO - The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, Title 18 USC Sec. 1961.
    ? prohibits business enterprises involved in a pattern of criminal activity (racketeering)
    ? courts have defined RICO enterprises as organizations that do business that are primarily criminal in nature and which will continue in the future

    2. Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute, Title 21 USC Sec. 848(c)(2), defines "criminal enterprise" as:

    (c) "Continuing criminal enterprise" defined
    For purposes of subsection (a) of this section, a person is
    engaged in a continuing criminal enterprise if -
    (1) he violates any provision of this subchapter or subchapter
    II of this chapter the punishment for which is a felony, and
    (2) such violation is a part of a continuing series of
    violations of this subchapter or subchapter II of this chapter -
    (A) which are undertaken by such person in concert with five
    or more ...

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