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Organized Crime

Choose a modern-day organized crime syndicate which operates in the United States. Seek out organized crime other than the "traditional Italian Mafia." Identify the origin of the organized crime syndicate and the areas of criminal activity in which it engages. Also, consider what laws regulate organized crime. How do they impact organized crime, and how does organized crime in turn impact society?

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Organized crime in the United States refers to any group of persons to operate and perform criminal activity. Outside of the traditional Mafia-crime families, this also includes terrorists, drug traffickers, and street gangs. Let us now take a closer look at street gangs.

A street gang is a group of individuals who use intimidation and violence to commit crimes. This is done in order to defend their territory, make money, or to gain more power in the neighborhood in which they reside. Unlike organized crime groups, street gangs unpredictable and somewhat unstructured. They usually do not plan a crime, and commit their violent acts as a moment's notice or on a ...

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