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    The importance of studying organization theory

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    Hello. I am having trouble answering the following question. Please provide an explanation to the question in 500 or more words. Please use at least two scholarly references.

    Why is it important to study organization theory?

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    I think that it is very important to study organization theory, largely due to the fact that organization theory provides a great deal of knowledge and information as to how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness by which an organization is managed and operates. An organization's survivability within its given industry is exponentially increased in direct correlation with the efficiency by which the organization operates, which is directly dependent upon the effectiveness of the organizational structure and paradigm within that given organization. Due to these factors, the study of organization theory will provide leaders as well as future leaders with a wealth of information that would help them to be much more effective leaders, and thereby increase the productivity of the organizations that they lead.

    A study and understanding of ...

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