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Importance of Studying Consumer Ethics

A Min of 350 words.
1. Why is it important to study consumer ethics?
2. How does this apply to any position you wish to have in the future?

McDaniel, C. & Gates, R. (2011). Marketing Research (Ed 9). Canada: John Wiley & Sons

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McDaniel and Gates (2011) state, "ethics are moral principles or values generally governing the conduct of an individual or group." It is important to study consumer ethics to better understand the forces that drive behavior. It is based upon these values that consumers make decisions and choices. These values impact brands consumers choose and companies with whom they establish a relationship. Some organizations go out of their way to ensure their customers of their ethical worth and value. This can be seen in organizations' advertising, labels, websites and workforce recruitment. For instance, BP Global has been running advertisements nationwide to show problems in the Gulf settlement program to help shape ...

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This solution discusses the importance of studying consumer ethics and how it might impact a desired career choice. Includes examples and APA formatted references.