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    Business Ethics and Problems

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    Please help with the following study questions. Thank you.

    1. List three business problems, situations, or opportunities that you believe are ethical issues. Please give possible solutions and explain your responses in some detail.

    2. Describe why it is important that business people study business ethics. What are possible benefits to companies, individuals, society and the world of business? Please explain.

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    1a. Machine manufacturers in the United States who recondition used equipment find a market for this sort in emerging markets such as those in South America. The culture is such that in several South American nations, bribes are expected to expedite equipment through customs. There are laws in America that make paying bribes in foreign nations illegal. However, sometimes, a bribe doesn't necessarily look like a bribe. For example, dock workers who unload this equipment work much faster when given a bribe. Similarly, tips in American restaurants make servers work harder (for example, a known good tipper will get better service on a return visit). There are ethical considerations since most in America feel it is our nation's responsibility not only to sell our products internationally, but also to teach our philosophies. However, when American companies refuse to pay bribes, German or other firms are glad to take the business from them.

    One possible solution to this problem is for America to make tighter laws and to unite with other foreign firms to make a commitment to stamp out these bribes. It can create a win-win situation since firms not having to pay bribes can either pass the ...

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