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Innovation in Business

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I need some ideas in answering these questions on innovation in business:
1. What are the benefits of innovation, design, and creativity in meeting or improving organizational objectives?
2. What are some documented ways organizations can stifle innovation?
3. What are some of the challenges and risks of adopting new mental models?
4. What is the importance of team composition when considering an innovative organization?
5. Why is it important to understand creative intelligence styles when studying innovation, creativity and design in an organization?

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The solution discusses innovation in business is discussed step-by-step explanations. The response also has the sources used.

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Step 1
The benefits of innovation, design, and creativity in meeting/improving organizational objectives begin with improvement in efficiency. Improved design of the manufacturing process means better productivity, innovation means improvement in quality, and creativity can lead products that increase market share. Innovation, design, and creativity lead to improved competitiveness. A company that has these three elements can upgrade its objectives. The organization benefits because they lead to more effective products/services, ideas, and technologies.

Step 2
Some documented ways of stifling innovation are to criticize any new suggestion or idea. Another method is to discuss strategies and plans only with a few advisors. Other strategies are to punish failure severely, give importance to predictability, keep employees under high work pressure, and snub ideas ...

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