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    Morality and Values

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    I am having trouble talking about John Rohr and York Willbern. Can you please compare and contrast Rohr and Willbern's view on morality and values. Also, please explain how their thoughts be incorporated in today's work environment?

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    Both John Rohr and York Willbern say that public officials should be ethical. Rohr says that the nature of the work of bureaucrats is such that they need to uphold moral standards. He gives three reasons. He says that public officials have authority, discretionary power, and are not elected. If public administrators work for the benefit of people and should uphold ethical standards. The standard prescribed by Rohr is that a public official should gauge his decision on how he would interpret public scrutiny if his decision appears on the front page of a newspaper. According to Willbern, if morality is important for groups and organizations it is equally important for public servants.

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