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    Global Code of Ethics

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    1. Is there a common morality that peoples of all nations can share? Explain.
    2. Which of the global codes best reflects these shared standards and values? Why?
    3. If you were to create your own declaration of global ethics, what would you put in it? Why?

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    1. Is there a common morality that peoples of all nations can share? Explain.

    There is no common morality as every culture has its own ethics, culture, and form of identity. There are common emotions such as love, hate, pain, etc., but in reference to morality, there cannot be a common element for all nations. In Western nations, women are currently treated equally and are capable of engaging in their own lives without the threat of being punished or killed. In some Muslim nations, it would be "immoral" for a woman to engage in her own life pursuits such as modeling, driving, or divorcing her husband. Therefore, these two different ideologies in regard to morality ...

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    This solution discusses global morality and ethics. The global codes best which reflect these shared standards and values are determined. The expert determines if he were to create a declaration of global ethics, what he'd put in it is determined.