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    Multinational corporation’s list of values/ value statement

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    Read and analyze a multinational corporation's ( MNC's) list of values/ value statement/or code of ethics. Share one ethical or one legal global situation the company is currently involved in.
    • Explain how corporate culture or values should have influenced its decision making.
    • Submit two recommendations on how this situation could have been avoided.
    Interactive: identify and discuss your company's CSR program
    Interactive: Explain the importance of a CSR program for an organization.
    References in APA format
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    //Multinational organizations are required to follow a code of business ethics and values in order to achieve success in this competitive world. In this sense, the discussion has been conducted on a multinational company Tesco and its values and code of ethics. An ethical global situation has also been discussed in which the company is currently involved in//.
    Values and code of ethics allows a company to follow such decisions which are being accepted by the society. These are the guiding principles which lead the multinational companies to adopt such practices which are honorable and are morally correct (Esty, & Simmons, 2011). With respect to this, a multinational company, Tesco has been discussed in respect to its list of values and code of ethics which it follows in order to achieve success in this global era.
    List of Values
    Tesco's first value states that they always tries to understand the values of their customers and provide them with the same results as they are expecting (Our Code of Business Conduct, 2015).
    Tesco adopts such practices wherein it treats all its people in the manner as they wanted to be. Tesco tries to treat all his retailers equally and share views with them.
    Code of Ethics
    Tesco follows all the laws and regulations, it is abide from. This led Tesco to ...

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