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    Critique of Organizational Management Article

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    Part 1 of the critique is the identification of the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article.

    Part 2 is a summary of the article. List the main points that the author has tried to establish, i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, second, third. There normally will be 3 to 5 main points.

    Part 3 is your critique. You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points that the author tried to make, or an overall critique of the entire article. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. While you may make such a statement by way of introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and logically state the reasons for the post that you have taken.

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    Conflict and Power Games In a Multinational Corporation: Sensegiving Is a Strategy of Preservation, is an article that gives insight into the importance of the concept of sensegiving by organizational leadership, in order to perpetuate organizational gains, and to maintain their strategic position within an ever-changing paradigm of multinational business variables. This article provides a host of useful management knowledge.

    This article points out a variety of important issues that are important to any individual that is seeking to gain knowledge and insight into the intricacies of multinational business, as well as the strategic variables that must be mastered in order for an organization to survive, thrive, and ...