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    Intelligence - Management Support with Structured & Unstructured

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    Critique the article by Baars and Kemper, addressing the following questions:
    The authors assert that their paper "... proposes and discusses an integrated framework that binds respective state of the art approaches together, and thereby provides a structure for BI infrastructures that enables holistic decision support" (p. 133). How well does the article establish their case?
    How appropriate is the study of business intelligence to an IT Academic Program?
    How defensible are the conclusions drawn by the writers? Are different conclusions supportable?

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    The concept of "Business Intelligence" (BI) is increasingly gaining visibility and relevance due to the shrinking world, tough competition, global challenges and to achieve competitive advantage in rapidly changing market. To meet these requirements and new global challenges traditional management system have evolved to enterprise spanning support solutions that support all the business processes and business functions in order to provide competitive edge to the business. BI has become an integral part of the business in today's time in order to support the organization in continuous business process monitoring, in depth data analysis and efficient management communication for smooth working and organizational success. It provides detailed data into information and makes it available for the business functions in real-time; when and where it's needed.
    The title of the article gives a fair representation of the topic discussed in the ...

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    Business intelligence is examined. The management support with structured and unstructured are determined.