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Understanding Participate Management

Young high school graduate, Anne, joined an advertising agency. Anne's manager is a warm, friendly person. He believes that all employees have the ability to learn on their own and should be given enough space to carry out tasks on their own.

He also believes that people can exercise self-direction and self-control and do not need external controls. Hence, he gave Anne complete flexibility to voice her opinions and create her own work schedules. Anne, by nature, is a timid person who prefers a structured work schedule. In this job, she is expected to come up with multiple creative ideas for campaigns and projects and has to present each of her ideas in brainstorming sessions.

Anne hates her new job and feels that her work is extremely unstructured. Using the model of participative management, analyze what has gone wrong in Anne's case and illustrate how her manager should handle this situation.

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Annie is a recent high school graduate and high school is a structured environment. Teachers give lessons and assignments to be completed by a ...

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