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Business Management: Organizational Behavior Principles

Influencing Performance

You are getting ready to meet with the operations supervisors on how to address individuality and situational operational issues when addressing individual performance. One supervisor says that she believes one conceptualization of performance is that it results from a combination of individual differences, such as personality and ability and the situational context.

They are asking for help on how to provide the proper approaches to their work groups that consider both the needs of the business and the individual employees' personalities and professional goals. You prepare by sharing your knowledge and research on how organizations can effectively manage performance through a combination of providing individual motivation based on personality and ability and managing the situational context of the organization.

What behavioral influences or situations influence individuals to either encourage or prevent them from performing to the best of their abilities?

How can organizations effectively balance the needs of the individual with the organization?

What recommendations would you make to the operations supervisors to maintain and even improve performance of individuals within their work teams?

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People are encouraged to participate by motivation and the ability to have input into the organization. They are prevented from performing well by fear, insecurity, loss of power and control, and lack of communication. Each of these is important because they affect most humans and human interaction. In the organization it may be magnified. When people know what is happening, have at least some power within ...

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