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    Organizational Problem

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    Request assistance with completing the following 2-3 paragraph assignment for Organization behavior class. SEE BELOW guideline.

    I have to identify a recent (or current) organizational problem/issue faced by a real-world organization within the past three years. Then explain why the problem/issue is problematic and how it negatively impacts the effectiveness of the organization. Then, propose a course of action by applying key principles, concepts, and theories of organizational behavior. Finally, recommend follow-up actions (evaluations) for the organization to assess whether or not the problem/issue has been resolved.

    The primary focus of this research project is on your analysis of the problem/issue using organizational behavior principles, concepts, and theories, as well as your recommendation(s) for improving organizational effectiveness. You should not simply provide an historical account of a problem/issue and the organization's solution. In fact, your recommendation(s) for addressing the problem/issue may or may not align with the organization's previous (or proposed) course of action.

    For this activity, complete the following:
    •Select a public, private, or not-for-profit organization in which you have been employed (past or present) or an organization of interest to you. When selecting your organization, consider the range and depth of research analysis available to you. Information may be obtained from communications with the organization's stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, owners, etc.), the media (newspapers, webcasts, etc.), organizational literature and website, professional journals/articles, and other secondary sources..
    •Identify and describe a recent (current) organizational problem/issue faced by your selected organization..

    2-3 paragraphs and follow APA guidelines

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    One organizational problem identified in Tesco during the past three years is that in 2014 an accounting scandal was uncovered in the company. Tesco had been overstating its income and understating its costs. The company had overstated its annual profit by 250 million pounds which was an overstatement by 25%. This is an overstatement of its first half profits. The Financial Conduct Authority has commenced a full investigation following the overstatement of expected profits.

    This issue is problematic because it adversely affects the reputation of Tesco. Further, the investors lose confidence in the company and its share prices declined sharply. The other negative impacts are that with a loss of reputation, its revenues gets adversely affected, the morale of its employees declines, and it finds ...

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