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    Case Analysis: Ethical behavior and business principles.

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    Write a case analysis of the case. The text is attached for review.

    Gateau, P. & Lanaud, R. (September 2005). Turning business principles into ethical behavior at Total S.A. The Business Communicator, 6(4), 10-11.

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    Analyzing the case of turning business principles into ethical behavior, (Lanaud, R. & Gataeau, P., 2005) the authors point to the creation of an ethics culture to unify a corporation through the different socio-cultural phases of a merger. A case analysis using a SWOT analysis method will be employed. A SWOT analysis, measures the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of any given scenario to review.

    Beginning with the Strengths of the ethics culture strategy binding the former separate parts of the company, a sense of unity is achieved that has a common new ...

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    This solution provides a case analysis of the article titled, "Turning business principles into ethical behavior at Total S.A." by Gateau, P. & Lanaud, R. It is 335 words and provides a reference to the article for further investigation of the topic.