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Critique on Knowledge Management in an Organization

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Create an academic critique on a published article of Knowledge Management in organization.

See the attached file.

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The solution provides a critique on knowledge management in an organization.

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This is an overview of the article and a critique. After reading what I have supplied, you will need to determine for the conclusion if it is a good article with useful information, introduces some new ideas and concepts and has value for the reader.

This is the second part of a series on leadership and knowledge. The author is Barry Hardy, a PhD who works in knowledge and communication technology. He presents at the Basel Switzerland trainings and is the founder and director of Innovation Well and Douglas Connect. He writes a blog and conducts workshops on knowledge management. (http://barryhardy.blogs.com/about.html)

The first and most important point he makes is in today's markets, knowledge management leaders must have a broad base of skills and must be willing to share them with others. This type of leader is seen as engaging and part of the activities of the company. There is no longer a place for "knowledge is power." It has been replaced with "knowledge sharing is power" (article). This sharing is essential to the success over the long term for knowledge driven organizations. The leadership power comes from the bottom up and not the reverse.
The idea of using soft skills to advance knowledge by leaders is noted in all types of fields, not just knowledge management. The core concepts ...

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