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    Postmodernism and leadership

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    Do the core concepts of postmodernism help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of Hogan & Kaiserâ??s views on personality and leadership?

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    Postmodernism is a perspective proposed by French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard in 1979. What it is principally is a critique of the modern. Modern, at its simplest form means current and 'now' - the trends that are adapted by mass media and society at large. In the academe for example a postmodernist takes criticism over objective truth and metanarratives. Metanarratives are abstract ideas that are generally held to be comprehensive, even universally applicable in 'all cases'. Take for example the positivist viewpoint in the early 10th century. Positivism was used and accepted to be the general view. Postmodernist thought opposed the universal applicability of positivism and sought new venues of study as well as critique positivism to reveal its flaws. For example, via a postmodernist critique, they have come to reveal the positivism does not necessarily create universal theories or laws about human behavior because of the subject-object problem. What this means is that postmodernism exposed that human beings cannot study society as if society ...

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    The solution is an 803 word discussion of postmodernism and its core principles as it relates to the view of Hogan & Kaiser in relation to leadership and personality. Postmodernism is essentially explained. A small case study is provided for example. References are listed, a word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.