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Postmodernism as a school of literary criticism

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Please discuss postmodernism as a school of literary criticism and explain what postmodernism is an analytical perspective. Thank you for your time.

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In one page (395 words) this solution introduces the basics of postmodernism as a school of literary criticism. In simple terms, it outlines the beliefs of the postmodern critic and the rationale behind these beliefs. Additionally, it outlines some of the characteristics of postmodernist literature.

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Postmodernism is by its very nature contradictory and defies definition.

Postmodernity is the period since World War I in which the modernist belief in the benefits of science, logic and technology are called into question.

While modernism celebrates the scientific method, logic, mathematics and progress, and though many today would not question these ideologies, postmodernism does just that. It proposes nonlinear histories, perspectivism, isolated and unexplainable events and it celebrates the very fragmentation modernists so lament.

Deconstructionists, a subset of postmodernists, believe there can ...

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