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    Key Figures of English Literature: George Orwell

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    Why is George Orwell such a key figure in British letters?

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    George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, has had an enormous influence on English literature and literary study, American and British alike. His novels "Animal Farm" and "1984" were enormously popular when they were published, and perhaps are even more so today. In part, these two works were seen as so significant and poignant during the time of their publication because Orwell was able to synthesize what he saw as current political trends with literature--the novels are not simply stories, or political allegories--they are both and somehow more (since, despite the fact that we are decades past WWII, they still seem to hold political, economic, and cultural relevance today). It seems that Orwell has hit upon a kind of modern political truth that is more and more pertinent as time goes on. This is a unique accomplishment.

    There are a few specific contributions that Orwell made ...

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    This solution explains why George Orwell is such an important figure in British letters. It highlights the various contributions that Orwell made to academia, political theory, fiction, and literary review. Additionally, this solution includes two links to additional information on the subject.