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Love Poetry from the Victorian Era

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The love poetry in the Victorian era is very differnt from that of other periods. I need a short essay to explain this statement.

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You need to write a short essay that discusses the difference(s) between the love poetry of the Victorian Period and that of the love poetry of other periods. To accomplish this task, you are in need of information that will allow you to support the previous statement.
<br><br>There are a variety of ways one can approach this topic, and while it sounds as if you'd like someone to take on a bulk of the writing task for you, I can't do that. Instead, I have provided you with information that will get you well on your way to accomplishing your goal.
<br><br>I have attached an overview of the major literary periods of the English Tradition of writing. This overview breaks the periods down into their times, their influences, and their major writers. Below is an example of this breakdown.
<br><br>The Victorian Period of English literature (1832-1901) began with the accession of Queen Victoria to the throne in 1837, and lasted until her death in 1901. Because the Victorian Period of English literature spans over six decades, the year 1870 is often used to divide the era into "early Victorian" and "late Victorian." In general, Victorian literature deals with the issues and problems of the day. Some contemporary issues that the Victorians dealt with include the social, economic, religious, and intellectual issues and problems surrounding the industrial revolution, growing class tensions, the early feminist movement, pressures toward political and social reform, and the impact of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution on philosophy and religion. Some of the most recognized authors of the Victorian era include Alfred Lord Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Matthew Arnold, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontà«, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy.
<br><br> Within the Victorian Period, two other literary movements, that of The Pre-Raphaelites (1848-1860) and the movement of Aestheticism and Decadence (1880-1900), gained prominence.
<br><br>These mini-descriptions should lead you to a specific set of elements that you can concentrate on for your writing task.
<br><br>The key to writing this piece is going to be finding your focus: there is MUCH that can be addressed in the topic you describe. Remember to create a solid frame from which to write your essay.
<br><br>Here's a simple review of the parts of an essay:
<br><br>I. Introduction: A brief overview of your paper's issue, your introduction should move from broad to specific.
<br><br> (Once you decide on your focus, this is where you are going to reveal the elements of Victorian love poetry that lead to your THESIS.)
<br><br> A. Thesis sentence: Generally located near the introduction's end, it reveals the main point of your paper.
<br><br> (Once you decide on your focus, this is where you will prepare your reader for your discussion regarding Victorian love poetry.)
<br><br>II. Body paragraphs
<br><br> A. Topic sentences: The main point of each body paragraph is generally revealed in its first (or "topic") sentence.
<br><br> (Once you settle on your thesis, each topic sentence will address a specific element needed to prove that your analysis of Victorian love poetry is valid.)
<br><br>III. Conclusion: Used to remind your reader about the key issue(s) addressed in your paper, it also offers you an opportunity to reassert the most important point(s) of your piece into your reader's mind.
<br><br>With the parts of the essay fresh in your brain, here are a few topics to consider:
<br><br> 1) How social standards are reflected in poetry.
<br><br> EX: Secularism versus Humanism versus Feminism
<br><br> 2) How the throne influenced poetry.
<br><br> EX: What problems surfaced when a woman was on the throne?
<br><br> 3) How religion and science influenced poetry.
<br><br> EX: How did Darwinism influence poetry?
<br><br> 4) The transition of self-expression as it is reflected by the love poems of England.
<br><br> EX: Early poetry focused on God, later poetry focused on Nature, and Victorian poetry focused on contemporary issues-why?
<br><br> 5) The focus of "love" as ...

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