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    work of Contessa de Dia

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    Sayre posits that the vocabulary associated with romantic love, as it is known today, came into being during the Medieval Period. The troubadour or trobairitz, accompanied by lyre or lute, would recite poems about the feelings associated with this type of love.

    Discuss the common characteristics of these poems. What are your reactions to these expressions romantic love? Does the content of the poetry surprise you in any way? What observations and connections can you make about the role of women of the court and their freedom of expression can be made after reading the work of Contessa de Dia (Sayre, Reading 5.5, p. 152)

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    As you summarize the common characteristics of these poems, they seem to summon and epitomize strong notions and images of sensual, emotional, physical, erotic, and spiritual love with their language, diction, images, and symbolism, etc.

    My reactions to these expressions of romantic love are quite astonishing in nature since I had formerly assumed that women were deemed to suppress these feelings during this era. I assumed that women were supposed to be docile, chaste, and subservient. These poems reiterate the power that women also had to express their loves and desires. They make me ...

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