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Shepherd satellites of Saturn

How many moons does Saturn have? What is the name of Saturn's largest moon? What is special about this moon? What are the names of Saturn's 6 medium sized moons? What is special about Enceladus and Iapetus? What are Shepherd moons and what purpose do they serve?

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Saturn has recently been observed to have 62 moons in total which can be described as having low eccentricity elliptical orbits around the planet. Seven of these moons are large enough to form spherical stuctures from graviatational processes, these include, Titan the largest moon (dia. 5150 km), followed in descending size by Rhea (dia. 1530 km), Iapetus (dia. 1470 km), Dione (dia. 1120 km), Tethys (dia. 1070 km), Enceladaus (dia. 500 km) and Mimas (dia 400 km).

In addition Titan, the largest moon, is large enough to retain a dense rich atmosphere which mostly consists of Nitrogen gas mixed with small proportions of Methane and Ethane. Titan is also the only other celestial body known to ...

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Shepherd satellites and moons of Saturn are exemplified and a short treatise describing some of the features of its satellites presented.