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    Using a Spectrograph for Saturns Rings

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    A.) How can a spectrogrph be used to indicate that the rings of Saturn are not solid?
    B.) Astronomers in the 1940's had difficulty measuring the amount of water in the Martian atmosphere spectroscopically, becuase the Earth's atmospheric water got in the way. They could not yet fly above our atmosphere. How could the spectral lines from the two planets be separated, so that accurate measurements can be made?
    C.) A distant star yields a spectrum showing two sets of hydrogen spectral lines: a strong red shifted set, and a weaker blue shifted. How might you interpret this observasion?

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    A) The Saturn is viewed, once through the ring system when the ring system is seen just through its middle portion, and again saturn is observed when ring encircles the saturnian sphere as viewed from the Earth. In these two spectrum, the first one should have absorption due to ring contents. If thr ring would have been solid then one could get some distinct black band while the spectrum contains some absorption which is like absorption by dust grains. Light scattering is measured
    <br>and an estimation of particle is measured. Hubble's Faint ...

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    The solution discusses using a spectrograph for saturn's rings. How to interpret the observations are given.