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9. The Acme Class Ring Company designs and sells two types of rings: the VIP and the SST. They can produce up to 24 rings each day using up to 60 total man-hours of labor. It takes 3 man-hours to make one VIP ring, versus 2 man-hours to make one SST ring.

How many of each type of ring should be made daily to maximize the company's profit, if the profit on a VIP ring is $30 and on an SST ring is $60?

a. 16 VIP and 8 SST
b. 0 VIP and 24 SST
c. 12 VIP and 12 SST
d. 8 VIP and 16 SST

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Answer: B

Suppose x VIP rings and y SST rings should be produced. The constraints ...

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