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    The James Webb Telescope Vs Hubble Telescope

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    The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch in the near future. Discuss the advantages that this telescope has over the Hubble Telescope that is currently in operation. What are scientists hoping to find with this new improved telescope?

    Also list reference for more research.

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    Today I will briefly cover the soon to be deployed James Webb Space Telescope.

    Ever since the Hubble Telescope made galactic images and research possible, we have had an unending quench to explore the outer reaches of space. The Hubble Telescope certainly revolutionized the way in which space exploration was possible, but it does have some limitations and key components of modern technology have been able to be implemented into its design. The James Webb Space Telescope, however, accounts for this and has the hope and promise of bringing a new understanding as to the origins of the universe.

    The telescope itself has been delayed somewhat, but is now schedules to launch in 2018. It is designed with the express purpose of begin to ...

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    A brief description of the JWST and the features it possess that the Hubble does not. Just over 500 words of notes.