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    Academic Research and Writing

    This is a quiz that tests students’ knowledge about the research, revision, and writing processes.


    Which writing convention is expected to be used when composing a research paper?
    1. Interpretations and hypotheses are organized in any order.
    2. Conventional citation systems are used.
    3. An analysis of images and points of view are discussed.
    4. Evidence is provided in the form of well-chosen quotations from credible sources.
    5. Assumptions are made about how knowledgeable the audience will be about the subject.


    What should you do when trying to develop your professional writing voice?
    1. Avoid using jargon.
    2. Look for professional vocabulary.
    3. Look for person, not impersonal pronouns.
    4. Notice what counts as evidence and how it is arranged in peer-reviewed articles you use in your research.
    5. Use professional conventions by getting acquainted with professional writing styles like MLA and APA.


    Which of the steps below should be used when editing a paper?
    1. Revising for coherence.
    2. Revising to improve transitions.
    3. Determining discipline-specific conventions.
    4. Editing for correctness making sure that you haven’t committed one of the five common sentence errors.
    5. Sometimes allowing for wordiness and choppiness because it adds variety to paragraph structure.


    Which of the items below is the best way for researchers to use their resources?
    1. Sometimes writers use sources to provide authoritative evidence to support a claim.
    2. Sometimes they agree with the source’s argument and want to extend it or build on it in some way.
    3. Sometimes writers use a source to distinguish their own position from that of the source, or to argue against it.
    4. To make their attitudes toward their sources clear, writers use cues to indicate where there are consensus and controversy and to state their own agreement or disagreement with a source.


    Which of these websites provides credible resources?
    1. Ask.com, bartleby.com, books.goggle.com/
    2. Scholar.google.com/, infomine.ucr.edu/, www.infoplease.com
    3. Kplay.cc/reference.html, www.libraryspot.com
    4. www.refdesk.com/, en.wikipedia.org/