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    Meaning Construction & Postmodern Leadership Philosophies

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    What are some of the challenges one can face and the possible courses of action they may be drawn to as a result of the new understanding of constructing meaning?

    How can postmodern thinking aid leaders facing a world in which only those organizations capable of continually reinventing themselves will remain competitive?

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    Challenge of Meaning Construction

    Through our socialization, when we come to new ways of viewing or understanding reality (our daily experiences from school, work, family and community), we also see things in a different light. For example, as a child when our knowledge of colour names and associations are limited, we see all shades of green as 'green'. Through the years we have come to know that there are colours from this shade such as teal, viridian, lime, lime, jade, emerald, myrtle, etc. What we know as green previously has now come to us in a manifold of representation where we come to question previously if all that we labelled as green is just that - 'I had a green shirt when I was a kid...well, it was green, but not green, it was really lime.' In other words, new ways of constructing meaning, whatever theory or philosophy one is to follow (for instance, if we follow the discourse theory of meaning construction), one will always be bound to question previous views on reality, previous judgments - was the decision right, did you do the right thing based on what you know now? The course of action taken by most is this - they come to interrogate themselves, their views and choices taken in the past in order, mostly, to ...

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