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    Myths In Criminal Justice System: Anomie Strain Theory

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    Did the Simpson case shape any myths about the criminal justice system in the community? How?
    Are there any effective measures to dispel myths prevalent in society about the criminal justice system and to ensure that these myths do not influence our criminal justice polices?
    What are some of the myth reality challenges that the criminal justice system faces in the postmodern world? How does postmodern culture contribute the construction and perpetuation of myths?
    What are the challenges in theoretically orienting postmodern criminal justice trends? How do existing theories of criminal justice apply in postmodern America? Can these theories be adapted to our postmodern culture, or should new theories be formulated to address the unique aspects of life in a postmodern age?

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    Did the Simpson case shape any myths about the criminal justice system in the community? How?

    The Simpson case helped to reaffirm the "myth" that money is the decider of guilt or innocence in the American Criminal Justice system. Those with money, are capable of hiring the best lawyers and experts to assist in winning their case while the majority of people can't afford good attorneys, and are forced to rely upon overworked and underpaid court appointed counsel. The majority of court cases don't go to trial in America because most defendants receive court appointed counsel that pleads their cases out before trial. This is done regardless of if it's in the ...

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