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    Criminal Justice Literature Review

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    Please help with the following problem.

    I need a literature review of an area of crime or criminal justice research for your research topic. Describe what you selected and why you think this topic would be good for further research.

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    Please see below for your literature review on criminal justice.

    Longshore, D (1998) Self-Control and Criminal Opportunity: A Prospective Test of the General Theory of Crime. Social Problems, 45(1), 102-113
    This approach to crime stresses moral discipline and self control. It seems to be true. Low levels of self control are always correlated with both property crime and personal crime. About 4% of the variance is accounted for by this one predictor. Self-control and opportunity are not the issue. Self-control rejects opportunity, or does not see it. This suggests that the broad theory of anomie is ...

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    The following posting discusses a literature review of an area of crime or criminal justice research. Four references of discussed in the solution.