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Criminal Behavior Theory

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Discuss the major differences between the various theories which are used to explain criminal behavior? What theory in your opinion best explains this?

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The expert discusses the major differences between the various theories which are used to explain criminal behavior. The theory which best explains this are determined.

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The three most important theoretical frameworks to explain criminal behavior are Routine Activities Theory, Anomie Strain Theory, and Differential Association Theory. These theories are different but possess certain similarities in regard to those who commit crime. Routine Activities theory posits that for a crime to occur, a suitable target must exist, a lack of capable guardians, and most importantly a motivated offender. Therefore, crimes that happen are predicated upon an offender that possesses the desire to commit a criminal act and a victim that lacks the guardians necessary to prevent the criminal from acting on their desire thus representing a suitable target. An example of this theory would be a rapist who is motivated to rape a woman. The offender would first need the desire to rape the woman but without a suitable target, it would be difficult.

Let's assume that two women live in the same area of the city where the rapist lives. The first woman is walking with her two girlfriends to the ...

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