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    Notes on Sociological Theories of Crime

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    I would like help on compiling notes to complete a paper on describing the following sociological theories of crime listed, and discussing their strengths and weaknesses. The sociological theories are as follows:

    Social control theory
    Strain theory
    Differential association theory
    Neutralization theory

    Please provide real life criminal justice examples along with references and proper citations if applicable. Thank you in advance for your assistance

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    Social control theory is a theoretical perspective in which it is believed that an individual's belief systems and norms, that are based upon the prevailing belief systems and norms of the society in which they live, helps to prevent them from engaging in criminal behavior. This theoretical perspective also endorses the belief that the lack of strong relationships between the individual and society, or the absence of strong social control within an individual's life can result in a greater probability of the individual engaging in criminal behavior. A strength of this theory is that there is a strong correlation between the belief systems and norms in parted upon an individual by society and the reduction in their probability of engaging in criminal behavior. A weakness of this theory is that it does not explain criminal behavior in individuals that share the prevailing ...