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relevance of sociology and criminology

Details: After the successful intake session you had with Jim Moratis, Dr. Junger approached you about an upcoming Prison Psychology Conference in Las Vegas. "Normally it is one of our senior staff who attends the conference, but we've decided it would be good to send one of our rising stars this year. It will be a good chance for you to meet others in our field and compare notes. By the way, you'll be giving a short speech on the relationship between sociology and criminology as they relate to criminal thinking. As a point of reference, explain to the conference how the disciplines of sociology and criminology combine in seeking to explain criminal behavior."

When you were in graduate school, you became friendly with several other students. Some of them, like you, pursued PhD's and are now psychologists. Others went down a different path and became sociologists. You still keep in touch with the group and have set up your own Internet-based discussion board. You decide to go to your group for help in preparing this presentation.

Objective: Compare the relevance of sociology and criminology for each other

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This is an interesting topic. Let's take a closer look at how the two disciplines complement each other.


Sociology and Criminology are complementary because they share a common interest in the study of human society. For example, Sociology "is concerned with understanding how society works: how people live together and how they may come into conflict with each other" (http://www.bcu.ac.uk/courses/socialsciences/sociology-and-criminology). Sociology collects information about what is happening in the world and sociological theories are developed. On the other hand, criminology applies these sociological theory to the study of crime, including topics such as" the nature and causes of ...

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The relevance of sociology and criminology is examined.