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Major concepts of a sociological perspective of crime

Describe the sociological perspective toward crime, making certain that you define the three major concepts:
1) consensus and conflict perspectives (i.e. functionalist, structural and subcultural theories)
2) the interactionist perspective
3) Marxist perspective
Use examples of crime, such as from the mass media, to illustrate this perspective.

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The sociological perspective on crime views criminality as a consequence of the society we live in and not of psychological dispositions or biological causes. Remember that the sociology of crime is closely linked to the sociology of deviance.
The three causes of crime undoubtedly relate to the three main sociological perspectives taken on crime: 1) consensus and conflict perspectives (i.e. functionalist, structural and sub-cultural theories); 2) the interactionist perspective; and 3) Marxist approaches.
Consensus and conflict perspectives look at the way that criminality results from ...

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Provided is a discussion of a sociological view of crime. Theories about types of social orders and how they relate to crime are detailed in this 367 word text. There are several references to other sources that may provide more information.