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Sociological Perspective & Criminology

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Sociological Perspective Paper - Write a paper that explains what is meant by the sociological perspective. Describe how it helps us to understand the origins of crime and to identify possible ways of reducing crime.

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The solution is a concise 762-word essay that explains what a sociological perspective is about and proceeds explain its use in criminology especially in understanding the origins of and combating criminality/deviance. References are listed (web & print) for expansion. A word-version is attached for easy printing.

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Dear Student,
Hello. The solution below should get you started. Please remember that sociological perspectives are applied across the social sciences when thinking through research or social phenomenon. Crime and deviance is a social phenomenon, albeit negative when measured against legal and cultural social standards. If you want to expand on the solution, you can use the references provided. Good luck and thank you for using Brainmass.

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Sociological Perspectives & Criminological Application

Society is the 'subject' of the social sciences. Generally Speaking society is that complex social organization of human beings that share an identity inhabiting dynamic relationships and a distinctive culture. Members of a society identify themselves through that society and work together with other members to ensure that the rules generally agreed upon by all members to govern how they relate to each other are in place. Sociological perspectives are viewpoints from which we study and understand society and its varied mechanics and elements. There are varied sociological perspectives available to social scientists for the purpose of study. What sociological perspective is used depends on the theories and purposes of the one undertaking the study.

According to Barkan, "the sociological perspective stresses that people are social beings more than ...

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