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The Criminal Justice Paradigm

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Though interrelated in many ways, the concepts of (1) crime, (2) criminal law, and (3) criminology each have their own unique purpose when examined from a criminal justice theoretical perspective. Define and explain the role of each of these three concepts as they relate to the study of criminal justice. Evaluate the interactions that each concept has with the others and how they work together to define what is viewed as the field of criminal justice.

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This solution describes the interrelated disciplines that comprise criminal justice.

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Crime is essentially an illegal activity that is committed, that can legally be punished by governmental authorities. Crime relates to the study of criminal justice, due to the fact that crime is the foundation or framework from which the study of criminal justice was developed. Crime is the initial act that is handled by criminal justice agencies, and studied by the scientific discipline of criminal justice. Criminal justice interacts with criminal law, due to the fact that the study of criminal justice helps to ...

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