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Racial Disparities In Sentencing And the Death Penalty

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This report should be at least 6 pages in length and contain the following sections:

I) Introduction

•Introduce the key issues in CJA that you will be discussing sentencing, death penalty, and racial disparity

•Briefly state why these are important

•Introduce your reader to any affects these issues are having or will have on the criminal justice profession

II) In the body of your paper discuss the key issues of each area

•Section one key issues of the Enforcement area

•Section two key issues of Judiciary area

•Section three key issues of Custodial area

III) Conclusion, wrap up your paper in this section

•Summarize what your paper discusses and address any findings from your research and tell where the information was found.

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One of the issues that will be discussed in this paper will be the issue of sentencing, largely due to the fact that this issue has a significant impact upon the individual that has been convicted of a crime, as well as upon the criminal justice system as a whole. This is also an important issue due to the fact that there needs to be fairness in the sentences that are handed out to individuals that have been convicted of crimes, and in essence, the sentence should sink the criminal offense that has been committed, and not be of a severely harsh nature that is unjust. Sentencing is also important due to the fact that there must be a careful balance between punishing an individual, and utilizing the sentence as a deterrent to other individuals that may commit similar crimes. This is due to the fact that it is important that the deterrent effect of sentences not be the main reason for particular sentences to be handed out to convicted individuals. This issue is also of a very high importance in the criminal justice system, due to the fact that there seems to be a disparity in the sentences that are handed out to individuals of differing racial groups, as well as a disparity in the sentences that are handed out to individuals of different economic classes. This is a very important issue that must be addressed and remedied, due to the fact that no individual deserves to suffer a harsher punishment due to their race or income level, and no individual deserves a more lenient punishment due to their race or income level. Sentencing can have a very important effect upon the criminal justice profession, largely due to the fact that the trend towards giving out longer sentences for nonviolent crimes such as drug sales has caused it to be a tremendous level of overcrowding within the prison system, as well as a backlog of cases within the judiciary. Due to these factors, longer sentences provide jobs and economic stability for correctional staff, yet are very costly to the American taxpayer, which makes this an issue that must be addressed in a scientific and efficient manner.

The death penalty is another very important issue that will be discussed. This is a very important issue, largely due to the fact that there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the death penalty in this country, due to the fact that the legal system is an imperfect system, which means that invariably a certain percentage of individuals that have been sentenced to death have been found to be innocent of the crime after they have been executed. This within itself makes the death penalty a tremendously important issue within the criminal justice paradigm, in addition to the fact that DNA evidence has exonerated a number of individuals on death row, who were on the way to be executed if not for this evidence. It is relatively apparent that an analysis of the death penalty is of crucial importance within the criminal justice paradigm, due to the fact that a great deal of the individuals that are being executed are of a lower social economic class, and it appears that many of these individuals could not afford very effective legal counsel during the trials. This makes it particularly important to analyze the death penalty and its effect upon convicted individuals as ...

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This solution discusses the racial disparities in sentencing, and the death penalty in the US criminal justice system.

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