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    Racial disparity & Sentencing

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    Need assistance on this.

    I would like to do a research about Racial Disparity and Sentencing Reform. The main question that needs to be addressed is this: What should be done about racial disparities in the sentencing of criminals? I am interested in this because there seemed to be an inequality between the sentencing of blacks, Hispanics and other races as well compared to whites. I would like to find out if the system is unfair against other races or is it too lenient on whites.

    1200-1400 words. Please provide references also.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. I am assuming that the attached document is a copy of your paper about your proposed research. You have indicated in it what you would like to find out and why. Therefore, it will have to be the basis of your paper. 1,200 words is quite short if we have to go in-depth and answer all the questions you have indicated. The best that can be done therefore, before writing a paper is to come up with an outline so that we can cover as much as we can. Based on your proposal, a good outline can be:

    1. Introduction - here, you will indicate what your paper is about, why you are interested in such a subject matter, what your limitations are. You will also indicate your information resource and some of the publications/works that you have reviewed/inspired you. around 200 words.
    2. Current disparities - what are the common disparities in racial sentencing that are quite evident in the system today? Why is these inequities, you think in place? What are some of these examples (cases of disparities) - around 400 words.
    3. Suggested Reforms - based on number 2 above, what reforms should be undertaken? Are there any new policies being proposed for the purpose of reform? If so, what are they? Do you think they are enough? - around 500 words
    4. Conclusion - here, bring your paper together. Indicate once more why reform is important, drive your point - around 100 words.
    5. Word Count & Reference - you have displayed that you are quite adept at it in your attachment, so just follow that pattern: Author, year, title, publisher or if it is a website, date accessed & URL.

    I have put together a narrative below that follows this particular outline. It should get you started with your paper. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck with your studies.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
    Racial Sentencing Disparity & Reform

    This paper is going to tackle the issue of disparity in racial sentencing. To me, it appears that there exists an inequality in the sentencing of Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities in comparison to their White counterparts. This opinion is shared by economist Prof. David Mustard of the University of Georgia (2001). His ground breaking research in 2001 analysed available data and examined 77,236 federal offenders who were sentenced under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. Some of the interesting points in his research showed that "blacks, males, and offenders with low levels of education and income receive substantially longer sentences" and that "Hispanic-white disparity is generated primarily by those convicted of drug trafficking and firearm possession/trafficking." This paper will look into current disparities observed ...

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    the solution provides information, assistance and advice in putting together a paper on the topic of racial disparity and sentencing reform. Resources are listed for the purposes of expansion. An outline is also provided.