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    Institutional Bias on Various Levels

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    In a 750- 1000 word essay, discuss the impacts of Institutional bias.
    What are some examples of institutional biases?
    What impact does cultural influence have on institutional biases?
    You may consider how institutional biases are apparent in health care, education, and the workplace or based upon a person's age
    Support your paper with three scholarly source from the library please see my selections below from the Library:

    1. Saha, Sommnath (2009) Recertifying Institutional Bias in Medical Research, 163 (2) pp. 181-182
    2. Holly V. Franson, University of Colorado law Review, 2013/04/01 Vol: p 497
    3. Tiffani Darden, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor law 1/1/2009, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p. 85-132

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    Hello. I hope you are well. Here is a document discussing institutional bias on all levels of society. I trust it will be helpful to you as you write your paper. Best of luck!

    Definition of Institutional Bias according to the Oxford Reference dictionary:
    Retrieved: http://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803100005347

    "A tendency for the procedures and practices of particular institutions to operate in ways which result in certain social groups being advantaged or favoured and others being disadvantaged or devalued. This need not be the result of any conscious prejudice or discrimination but rather of the majority simply following existing rules or norms. Institutional racism and institutional sexism are the most common examples."

    Examples of Institutional Bias

    Law enforcement agencies disproportionally arresting more minority citizens than non-minority citizens and more than the local criminal activity necessitates.

    Housing authorities in some states pass regulations that hinder certain ethnic groups from renting, leasing, or buying homes or apartments. Value of houses are assessed based upon the racial makeup of the community. Practices such as redlining and mortgage and home loan discrimination are also part of the institutionalized bias.
    Housing and wealth inequalities: http://money.cnn.com/2013/02/27/news/economy/wealth-whites-blacks/?iid

    Workplace environments have tendencies to prefer men over women and minimizes opportunities for women to be promoted more so than men. Recent equal pay for equal work legislature has moved to decrease institutionalized di
    Data from "Discrimination Without Prejudice: http://www.ajcarchives.org/ajc_data/files/623.pdf. ...

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