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    Subcultures contributing to criminal activity

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    I need help defining subculture. From a sociological and criminological perspective, how does subculture contribute to criminal activity? Provide examples in which subculture contributes to crime.

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    According to this site https://sites.google.com/site/hippiesubculturewl/movement, "The conception of culture in sociology generally refers to more universal approach towards values and norms and standards of behaviors that we are obliged to follow in a certain society. (?) Subcultures are still perceived as social beings created somewhere on the edge of legality and social nonconformity. (?) In Polish literature the concept of subculture was used in a specific way, especially for designating certain social groups that possess their own customs and norms, that contradict with customs and norms of society." These smaller groups within society have various influences and impacts on society as a whole. They have their own "unique values, symbols, and practices separate from larger culture." (http://www.sociologyinfocus.com/tag/subculture/)

    From a criminological perspective, subculture is linked to Merton's theory. "The basis of the theory is that groups within society develop values and norms which are different from those held by other, ...

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    Subculture and crime. This examines how subcultures affect criminal activity from the sociological and criminological perspective.