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Prevalent Social Issues

Describe a particular population segment. Examples of Population Segments Include:

College Students
LGBT Community
Individuals and/or Families below the Poverty Line
Prisoners (current and former)
Wealthy Families
Explain at least two social issues facing your selected population segment, based on scholarly research. Examples of social issues include:

Capital Punishment
Divorce/Family Issues
Social Exclusion
Analyze the sociocultural factors contributing to the social issues.

Discuss political, economic, legal, practical, and ethical aspects.
Discuss the multiple levels contributing to and/or perpetuating the issues (i.e., individual, group, and societal levels).

Concerning the two social issues, describe the personal, professional, and ethical implications on the society.

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Former prisoners face a variety of obstacles in American society, which makes it very difficult for individuals to reach their greatest potential. The obstacles and social issues that are faced by these individuals can be very frustrating, especially to those former prisoners who truly desire to depart from criminality, and to become successful law-abiding citizens. When these individuals are faced with tremendous social obstacles, then they are more likely to return to criminal lifestyles in order to survive.

Discrimination is one of the major social issues that former prisoners face once they are released back into society. Many of these individuals find it tremendously hard to obtain employment, due to the fact that they have criminal records. There are some employers who will just not hire individuals that have criminal records, even if the crimes that these individuals ...