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Ethical Issues in Public Health

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What do you consider to be the top three current issues facing Public Health Ethics over the coming years and at least the next decade?

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Due to the current economic situation, as well as the current state of the American healthcare system, it is my belief that one of the most pertinent current issues facing public health ethics, is the methodology by which health care is provided to the public at large. This is an important public health ethics issue, due to the fact that health care seems to be allocated to those individuals who have the economic means to gain access to the highest levels of care, and those individuals seem to be given a priority in respect to health care allocation. This situation causes a significant ethical dilemma, due to the fact that every individual should have the right to maintain their health and well-being, and health services should not be provided in a manner that places a priority on serving those individuals in higher social economic groups, and treating other individuals of lower financial means as ...

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Ethical Issues in Public Health, Neonatal & Prevention

I need assistance with the following questions for a paper:

Neonatal health care:

1. What interventions would you see to improve neonatal health care in the United States? What is the key ethical issue you see in our current direction?

Infant Mortality & Morbidity Rates In the United States (US):

2. Cite the statistics on incidence and cost of premature births in this country and some other first world country.
3. State the U.S. position among all countries in terms of its infant mortality and morbidity rate.
4. Using these facts, provide a root cause analysis as to why our health care system spends so much and achieves so little.
4. Is this an ethical issue? If so how would you state the issue? Please provide references/citations etc.

Thank you for any assistance on paper structure and content.

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