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    Ethics in a Pandemic Outbreak

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    A wave of pandemic illness can host a variety of ethical considerations. Please apply the importance of ethics to the process of policy making regarding pandemic outbreak and other future pandemic issues. Please have an in-text reference that is less than five years old in APA.

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    Public health principles are consistent with the protection of the people. The topic of infectious disease deserves further attention because it raises difficult ethical questions. While infected individuals can threaten the health of other individuals and society as a whole, public healthcare measures such as surveillance, isolation, and quarantine can require the infringement of widely accepted basic human rights and liberties. These are just several of the areas of ethical considerations that may infringe on the rights of others. The first is the right to know when people have certain clusters of diseases that may be of a pandemic nature. These may be flu-like in nature or other type of diseases that need to reported immediately to keep from spreading. If the privacy act is followed to the letter, some diseases may never be reported and that would be a great travesty to a larger number of people. This is called surveillance and is done usually with certain types of high risk diseases (Thomas, & Young, 2011).
    Public health surveillance has helped to improve life in our society. Certain information must be ...

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    A discussion of the ethics of pandemic outbreaks.