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    The Use of ProMED-mail

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    Please provide the advantages of using the ProMED-mail system to track the outbreak of diseases internationally.

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    Here is some information about the ProMED-mail system.

    ProMED-mail (Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases) is used to gather data on outbreaks of infectious or diseases whether natural or intentionally released that may affect humans. ProMED-mail monitors plant and animal outbreaks and puts these on the Internet which goes out to many subscribers that monitor the reports. ProMED mail began in 1994 a project of the Federation of American Scientists for monitoring infectious diseases. As recently as 2012, ProMED-mail was able to report the outbreak of yellow fever in Dafur, Sudan and Chad. This outbreak was one of the worst in Africa in the last 20 years. In October of the same year, The World Health Organization (WHO) ...

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    This solution provides an overview of history and use of the Pro-MED-mail system for the global surveillance of infectious diseases, and highlights some of the advantages to the system in a globalized world. Included is a complete list of references.