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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Gabon: Chaos to Control

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A community was not comfortable with the idea of patients suspected of Ebola being place in isolation.
What are some of the considerations that field Epidemiologists must keep in mind when creating an isolation ward? Keep in mind the concerns and fears that maybe present among the community and among healthcare or political leaders.
I did some research but not coming up with anything of valuable. Please help.

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The expert examines Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Gabon chaos to control.

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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Gabon: Chaos to Control.
Disease outbreaks, and pandemics usually bring with them increased panic, fear of illness, desperation, fear of loss of income and of being scorned, uncertainty, and powerlessness. Ebola is an extremely dangerous, highly contagious disease that can cause fatality rates as high as 90 percent. The disease is spread through direct human contact - and especially via blood contact. In 2000, the deadly disease was responsible for the loss of 170 lives of people in Northern Uganda. A similar Ebola outbreak took 26 lives in the Congo. Since its appearance in Sudan in 1976 Ebola has killed at least 1200 people (ProMed, 2012). Utilizing protective measures such as clothing (gowns, gloves, smocks), equipment, careful grouping of Ebola patients within hospitals, travel restrictions, quarantines and isolation are epidemiological measures that help to contain and control disease outbreaks (AMA, 2006). Other considerations necessary for field Epidemiologists to be cognizant of when creating isolation ward-include but are not limited to:
- Communicating that epidemiological protocols and state and federal public health officials have deemed the isolation ...

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