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    Scientific Information about the Ebola Virus

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    Please provide at least two pages of information on the Ebola Virus. How did the Ebola Virus start, Where is the disease mainly located, What are the known cures, and How many cases in the United States. Please provide references and use MLA style of writing.

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    The earliest outbreak of the Ebola virus started in the country of Zaire, and what is interesting is that this virus received its initial description and designation as a particular type of virus in 1976. It is also thought from scientific research that the Ebola virus started when there was some form of bodily fluid exchange between an animal such as a fruit bat, which is thought to naturally house this virus within its bodily system. It is thought that an individual may have been bitten by one of these bats, or another animal that may have been infected with the Ebola virus. Due to the fact that the Ebola virus is spread through bodily fluids, once the initial individual was infected with the Ebola ...

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    This solution describes important scientific information about the Ebola virus such as the earliest outbreak of the virus, virus contraction pathways, geographical spread, animal carrier, symptoms and treatments. Reference used is included