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Information regarding SARS

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I'm writing a paper on SARS, and I was looking for information concerning the possible hiding location of SARS, it's mutation, and the various genes.

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Detailed information regarding to SARS (source, mutations and genes). Included are references to books on SARS.

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There are a great many sources of information out there regarding diseases. One of the first places you can look for general information to familiarize yourself with the topic is the internet. Try a general search using a search engine like yahoo.com or google.com The internet can provide you with a lot of general information however you have to be careful about the sources.

A better source for the latest scientific information relating to a disease like sars is pubmed. Usually your library should hold access to various scientific databases where you can look up journals and articles directed towards your topic. Pubmed (also known as medline) can be accessed by the general public at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov The homepage will give you several options. You can either clink on the menu option at the top for pubmed or enter in the search term and and select pubmed in the left hand side drop down menu.

A general search pulls up 2751 references (these are articles published in scientific journals that can either be access for free online or you may need a subscription held by your institute or you will have to see if those journals are held in your institute library. To narrow down the search add more key terms like mutation and gene...This brings the total references to 35 articles.

Other ways to gain specific information it to limit your search using the available limits (select the limit option just below where you entered your keywords). To get general information about ...

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