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    SARS, Outbreak, Travel, Pathogens, Toxins, Infections, and Disease

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    The World Health Organization has released the following update on the outbreak of SARS. Read the following WHO Update and the information presented from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and prepare a characterization of the disease based on the characteristics of infectious diseases and viruses presented.

    Identify the characteristics of SARS which account for its spread and the severity.

    Briefly justify your reasons for selecting the characteristics of SARS as described above.

    State your opinion as to which characteristic is the most significant factor that causes people to worry and cancel their travel plans

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    Identify the characteristics of SARS which account for its spread and the severity.
    1. SARS virus is shed in feces, respiratory secretions, and urine
    2. Spread by infected droplets (respiratory) is the most common mode of transmission
    3. SARS virus can survive after drying on plastic surfaces for up to 48 hours
    4. Research shows that the virus can survive in feces for at least 2 days, and in urine for ...

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    This solution gives a detailed explanation of SARS pathogenicity, including factors that account for its ability to spread, and what makes the virus so severe. This solution concludes with information about what factors related SARS make people anxious about possible contraction during travel.