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    Measles Isolation Precaution Policy

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    Create an infection control policy and procedure for staff and/or life support equipment in the midst of an infectious disease crisis. Include:
    - Isolation requirements for the specific organism,
    - Sterilization requirements for the equipment,
    - Staffing requirements (ex: one-to-one RT: patient staffing)
    - PPE requirements
    - Requirements for reporting to management, risk management, and infection control departments.

    At the end of your policy, include a paragraph describing how you would implement your policy.

    Use at least 3 sources in your creation of the policy and procedure; one may be from the institution from where you work. Use APA format for the references list.

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    Communicable diseases are infectious diseases such as blood borne pathogens, spread through contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials, and are characterized by mode of transmission. Contact precautions are necessary when working with a patient who is known to be infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS. Droplet precautions are necessary when working with patients known to have pertussis, diphtheria, mumps, and meningitis. Airborne precautions are taken if a patient has tuberculosis, SARS, smallpox, and measles. Healthcare personnel are at a higher risk of contracting these infections if protective measures are not instituted. Employers with high risk tasks and work environments that are known to expose employees to communicable diseases are required to implement an exposure control plan. ...

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    This is an overview of a measles isolation precaution policy.